Year in Review: Best Danish music acts of 2011

The InOut team looks at the Danish acts that made waves in 2011

1. When Saints Go Machine
With an opening spot at the Roskilde Festival, 2011 was a phenomenal year for Denmark’s electro-pop duo du jour, who followed up on the success of their debut album with the seminal album Konkylie, an EP that captured the hearts and souls of Saints fans old and new.

2. The Raveonettes
The endearing Shoegazing duo from Sønderborg have sailed casually through 2011, cementing their reputation as one of the best exports of the nation with their fifth album, Raven in The Grave, and solid performances at both Roskilde and Vega.

3. Wafande
Few artists have captured the spirit of the times as well as the nomadic Wafande. His seismic tune ‘Lang Vej Hjemme’ encapsulated the disappointments of a nation bored stiff by the growing popularity of a certain right-wing political party. His collaborations with the likes of rising starlet Lil Kaka have bred a new culture of critical thinking amongst Danish youth.

4. Hymns From Nineveh
After wandering about in Italy, Norway and The Netherlands, devotional folkpop band Hymns From Nineveh have finally started to garner success locally. HFN’s eponymous album hit the streets in February, featuring contributions from over 20 artists, and unsurprisingly skyrocketed up the charts. This was followed by an enigmatic performance at Roskilde and a string of fascinating shows at all manner of venues, from churches to prisons.

5. I Got You On Tape
Dreamy rock quartet I Got You on Tape have continued to surprise and impress as the years have gone by. 2011 saw the four mates deliver a poetic, contemplative and well-made album, Church of the Real, adding perspective to their intriguing musical repertoire and laying the foundation for what can only be a promising 2012.

Best of the rest:
6. Reptile & Retard
7. Malk De Kojn
8. Sebastien Lind
9. Klumben
10. TurboWeekend

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