Artist Review- Dan ThatsMe

Dan ThatsMe is as straightforward a name as you could imagine for as seemingly- as- straightforward a musician. Meet Dan Presencer, a man who stems from a rich musical tradition in a family that includes jazz trumpeter Gerard Presencer and composer Siobhan Presencer. Not one to be pidgeonholed nor walk in the shadows of others, Dan’s music is very much his own endeavour, consisting predominantly of well-strung guitar strums accompanied by simple lyrics, most of which document the trials and tribulations of relationships, a subject matter that many can relate to.


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(Photo: AmK)

Dan ThatsMe has yet to produce an album though the little recorded material that he does have is sufficient to give a good indication of the sort of musician he is. Somewhere at the blurry junction between the conventional singer-songwriter ethos and borderline calypso tendencies, his music sounds like the fictional byproduct of Jeff Buckley meeting Joni Mitchell for a date in Rio. For this reason, it almost seems as if Dan ThatsMe is a more pronounced musician when he performs accompanied by a band, as opposed to his solos, for it is in the former that his vocal qualities are most accentuated in the backdrop of simple percussion and bass and / or a backing guitar. Similarly, the unmistakable and ultimately throughly comforting calypso dimension to Dan ThatsMe seems to be punctuated emphatically and to good effect in performances where he is backed by his band. Take a look at his work below and see you if agree.





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