Surfing in Portugal – a visual essay across some of the most riveting Portuguese surf lanscapes

Ericeira / Praia de São Sebastião

Ericeira / Ribeira D’Ilhas

Ericeira / Praia dos pescadores



Allan Kortbaek Featured Scandinavian Podcasts You’ll Love by The Scandinavia Standard

Thank you to The Scandinavia Standard for featuring me in their top Scandinavian Podcast selection!

Original article available here; excerpt below.


Danish journalist and photographer Allan Kortbæk is sharing his must-sees in Copenhagen, taking listening through the new and old of the city. He traverses neighbourhoods sharing the best in where to eat, drink, and fun spots to visit as either a tourist or local. If you’re planning to visit Copenhagen, download this episode and take some notes!

Nusa Penida Island, Indonesia

For how to get to this island, read my Tripadvisor review of Ketut´s taxi service . I strongly suggest steering clear of all the many all-inclusive offers for trips to Nusa Penida that your hotel or accommodation will no doubt have on offer. We found Ketut´s service to be cheaper and cosier. You can tailor your trip with him – these are the three sites we visited that were worth photographing (Angel Billabong is not featured here as it´s on the way to Broken Beach (see below) and I personally didn´t find it appealing.

Kelingking Beach

Broken Beach (Pasih Uug)

Crystal Bay

Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

Where to stay:

Atta Mesari Villas: Check out my review on TripAdvisor

Where to eat:

The Spell Creperie: Read my Tripadvisor review here.

Must-do: The Campuhan Ridge Walk – the best way to see Bali

Don´t do: Tegallalang rice terraces (or similar tourist traps. You can see the plenty of rice terraces on your own.) I found the monkey forest in the middle of Ubud rather unpleasant as well – a bona fide intention to have humans and monkeys co-exist but tourism spoils this relationship (my opinion.)

General: Ubud is scenic and worth a visit. I preferred other areas of Bali, such as those by the seaside. However, it is a great base from which to see the unspoiled north (Munduk and other areas as well as Amed – a great place to Snorkel!