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Welcome to Kortbæk_Travels. My name is Allan and I´ve travelled to 31 countries, some of which you´ll find content for on this site. 

I’m a published author with The world’s largest publisher (Penguin Random House,) and an award-winning photographer, journalist and marketeer.

My fiancee, Mette, and I feel that it’s only fair that we give back to the world by sharing our best tips and tricks for how to travel affordably – as individuals, as a couple and most recently, as parents. We believe that everyone should be able to travel the world and indulge in it’s wonders but we also believe it is important to care for our planet – by travelling or living sustainably.

As such, I am passionate about creating an impact within and outside of my work commitments. As an example, I co-founded Jengo in 2015 – a Danish NGO that has since raised over $100´000 for a portfolio of projects in Tanzania, centered on renewable energy solutions and the construction of schools.

On this page you will find:

  • Travel Destinations (tips and inspirational videos & Images)
  • Photos (My portfolio of photos and artwork)
  • Articles (A collection of the articles I´ve written over the years) 

Who am I? 

In my “work life” – I’m a Senior Content Marketing Specialist at KAYAK / momondo.

I’ve been an integral part of our setup on campaigns such as The DNA Journey, The World Piece, The Passport Initiative, Dear mom and dad and others, many of which have been nominated for and won numerous awards globally, including Cannes Lions.

“Off work” – in addition to travelling – I love surfing, learning new languages (I speak 5,) writing and photography.

In 2022 I published my first book, for the world’s biggest publisher, Penguin Random House / DK Eyewitness;  Hardcover Travel Guide Book: Copenhagen Like a Local: By the people who call it home

The DK Eyewitness series has been voted the best travel guide book series by Wanderlust Travel Magazine, ahead of similar books by the likes of Lonely Planet, Time Out and others. Scroll further down in this post for links to where you can buy the book. 

I´ve done freelance Copywriting, Journalism, Video Production, Photography and more for over 10 years – working with clients such as Tourism Boards, National Newspapers, Large-Scale Publications, Hotels and more. My work has also been featured in several exhibitions across the globe. 

Other highlights

– Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark Verdensbilledlegat Scholarship winner,

–  Best per industry jury member- Snackable Content Awards (2019 / 2020, )

– Co-founder, Jengo – a Danish NGO that has raised over $100´000 for projects in developing nations.

– TED speaker, TEDxKEA

Let´s Connect! 

Drop me a line at: allanm46@gmail.com

Instagram @Kortbaek_travels 



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William Dam (Denmark) 

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Where to go: Copenhagen Podcast

Listen to my podcast, here.

In this week’s episode James and Lucy are joined by Like a Local: Copenhagen author Allan Mutuku-Kortbæk. Allan takes us through the different neighbourhoods of the Danish capital where old meets new in this progressive and inclusive city. Listen out for a secret deer park, historic amusement parks and one of the world’s best cocktail bars

Copenhagen Like a Local: By the people who call it home

Today, as ordinary a day in January as ever, I’m thrilled to share this video as part of the launch of my first book, with The UK’s largest publisher, Penguin Random House UK.

Watch a preview video of some of the places mentioned in the book below:

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William Dam (Denmark) 

I’d be lying if I said this wasn’t a dream come true – those who know me well are aware of the childhood I had. Writing was, in the imaginative mind of a young child, often the only thing I had – and it kept me sane when the world around me crumbled. 

As a young journalist in my twenties, I wrote thousands of articles for free, just because it was my passion but inwardly, I always hoped someone would take notice, for instance a publisher. 

Many years later, it all came full circle – Penguin contacted me last year and I wrote the book during the lockdowns, with unwavering help from immediate family, who I can’t thank enough. 

My Year 5 teacher, Fiona Wace, wherever she is would be proud, thanks to that pep talk that laid it out clearly for me and got me to focus instead of being the class clown, a day my life changed. 

In writing all this, I guess what I’m really trying to say (beyond “buy the book, it’s awesome” is that every kid out there that has a dream deserves a chance and everything is possible if you work hard – harder than everyone else around you has to work day in day out.

Allan Kortbaek Featured Scandinavian Podcasts You’ll Love by The Scandinavia Standard

Thank you to The Scandinavia Standard for featuring me in their top Scandinavian Podcast selection!

Original article available here; excerpt below.


Danish journalist and photographer Allan Kortbæk is sharing his must-sees in Copenhagen, taking listening through the new and old of the city. He traverses neighbourhoods sharing the best in where to eat, drink, and fun spots to visit as either a tourist or local. If you’re planning to visit Copenhagen, download this episode and take some notes!

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