Copenhagen Like a Local: By the people who call it home

Today, as ordinary a day in January as ever, I’m thrilled to share this video as part of the launch of my first book, with The UK’s largest publisher, Penguin Random House UK.

Watch a preview video of some of the places mentioned in the book below:

Buy my book here: 

Amazon UK 

William Dam (Denmark) 

I’d be lying if I said this wasn’t a dream come true – those who know me well are aware of the childhood I had. Writing was, in the imaginative mind of a young child, often the only thing I had – and it kept me sane when the world around me crumbled. 

As a young journalist in my twenties, I wrote thousands of articles for free, just because it was my passion but inwardly, I always hoped someone would take notice, for instance a publisher. 

Many years later, it all came full circle – Penguin contacted me last year and I wrote the book during the lockdowns, with unwavering help from immediate family, who I can’t thank enough. 

My Year 5 teacher, Fiona Wace, wherever she is would be proud, thanks to that pep talk that laid it out clearly for me and got me to focus instead of being the class clown, a day my life changed. 

In writing all this, I guess what I’m really trying to say (beyond “buy the book, it’s awesome” is that every kid out there that has a dream deserves a chance and everything is possible if you work hard – harder than everyone else around you has to work day in day out.


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