We shall dream and dance

For I have dreamed, and danced, laughed, cried, laughed some more and dreamed again. Another day, another revolving frame.

I’ve watched the best fall from their crest, watched the moon rise from the fickle flames of the departing day.

I have seen the sharpest minds of my generation crumble and crash; melt away like sand pillars in the Sahara

I’ve seen fingers pointed, stones hurled, dictators ousted, oligarchs substituted.

I have hurt my mother the earth, harmed myself by spectating from the amphitheater of society. I have laughed and dreamed and danced on this spectacular stage turned molten by the state of crisis

watched the greedy get hungrier, seen the hungry starve and the opulent flourish.

Now, all that’s left are words and stanzas, paper frames, paper planes and the falling confetti shreds of dreams already danced, already departed.

I have been in Eden, partaken in its abundance

watched rogue elements wreak havoc on good people and come to the indefinite conclusion that there must be a reason why we are all still here.

For we shall dream, laugh, dance and cry another day, another departing hour.