Remember Remember To Forget Me Not

These walls of stone speak with the brisk words of late summer

Enjoy life, make merry and remember remember to forget me not

A mere moment stitched of the strife of the billowing clouds

And the rustling of the soft grass

Go forth and drink, dance and shout through all the land !

Tell tales of these faraway walls and leave trails of envy in your wake

Your steps are a tapestry in the stairwell of humanity

A leaf in the woodland of dreams and ambitions

Of hipsters, mob folk, seekers, witches, queens and sons alike

Your woes are but the fleeting flutter of a butterfly’s wings

That life and all in it is a symphonic overture waiting for you to write it

And that all that’s well shall surely end well

These walls of stone speak with the clarity of the peeved poet

And the solidity of the blacksmith

They speak to the clerks and clergymen of the landed gentry

And the coal shaft cleaners and sewer men

To all sets of people, there is an end to your miseries and aches

Enjoy life, make merry and remember remember to forget me not




With Baited Breath I wait

A poem written in the midst of the annual contrast clash between summer and autumn. A time of restlessness and uneasiness within the ether. The warm, succulent rays of the sun shine fretfully and unrepentantly through the perturbed mass of wind and strain, scorching lush green vegetation in a kaleidoscope of the shade red.

It is within this intense purlieus that my questions pertaining to existensialism and meaning gain a purpose. With baited breath I wait…

The decadence of the shapes and shadows around me.
Stark, shrieking shards of wit and disdain, deranged and withdrawn.
The sullen dejections of the wind, the intimacy of causality.
Deranged, delinquent ornaments of time, desperate and forlorn

The cacophony of the chambers and chariots before me
Sharp, sudden silhouettes of truth and lie woven intimately
The implicit imperfections of the elements, the suspense of glee
Devout, resolute instruments of space, withered yet stately

The stillness of the sun and the stars above me
Sage, shackled shadows of the then and now stately and sedate
The somber spirit of the time, the luxury of a more independent me
Dissolute, insoluble infractions of relativity loyal to the shelter of trait.