Theatre Piece Review: No Known Cause, Tap 1 (August 2011)

” We live our lives side by side, thin plaster walls dividing our existence. In “No Known Cause” new rules apply. A combination of performance, video and installation creates an alternative and distorted reality. Absurd meetings occur, conversations out of sync, you are a guest in the nature of your life. ”

“No Known Cause” has to be one of the most intriguing, most engaging theatre productions i’ve ever seen. The one hour long production has been scaring, captivating and pleasing theatre lovers and other enthusiasts for the past week or so, staged at the endearing industrial surroundings of the Ny Tap hall, outside Carlsberg’s factory by Enghave station.

Part of The Metropolis festival for art and performance in Urban Space, “No known Cause” leads its spectators through the journey of a young man and his elation, sorrow, dilemmas, actions and reactions. In keeping with previous productions by the exciting Wunderkammer artistic collective, the audience are part and parcel of the plot of the piece.

This particular production shepherds its audience through a series of hazy dreams and graphic sequences that epitomise and accentuate the fragility and significance of life.  Be prepared to be  guests in the ever-evolving patterns of your wandering lives !

Be sure to check out the remaining shows of the production, tonight, next Wednesday and next Thursday.


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