Kasia StanGrecka, Copenhagen (Jan 2012)

From film-directing to generative art. Creative expression is all around ! The Papaya caught up with Polish generative artist Kasia Stangrecka and found out what her work is all about

 Original article: Roskilde University, Papaya Magazine Jan 2012 Issue: www.thepapayamag.com 

 Hi Kasia ! What inspires you as an artist ?

I’m not an artist. I am a builder? A creator? Everyday shapes inspire me ! Last time I looked at a lettuce I couldn’t help noticing how much like fractals the leaves looked like.

What exactly is it that you do and how long have you done it for ? 

My video works are generated through coding, Eisenscript to be specific. I first imagine a shape and then express it with letters and numbers in code. I started doing this a year ago. Creating the code takes me all night and then I render the image.Now that I have a new computer and it takes about 10 minutes to render an image and around a week for a movie. It took 10 times longer on my previous computer !

What’s the most difficult thing about what you do ?

Getting what’s in my head into a language understood by the computer. My communicational tools are purely letters in numbers in a code sequence. Controlling how shapes in my head get digitalised on the computer is probably the hardest thing about what I do

Any exciting plans for the future ?

Well I’d like to develop my skills further. Currently I do short films about life, expressed in generative form. I would like to do a whole series of them and in so doing, illustrate how coding can create a small, independent digital life form


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