The Benediction of the morning sun

A tribute to the early morning dawn. To the misty colours and plumes that dance with the impending sun. Acta est fabula.

The wintry morning mist

Out from the depths of the still night

Damp, wispy, a haze in a maze of sight

The minute is ablaze with a hushed sincerity

Lurking, wittily-so, in subtle notoriety

The equation lies delicately posed

Implicitly poised, a tribute to the night before in an ode

Wispy, damp A maze in a haze of light

Lies the night, profound and spellbinding to the sight

Out from the crispy plumes of the bygone plight

Uncertain, senescent. Pearl shaded in a sea of damp grey

The stillness is uneasy, disturbed and perturbed by the amber ray

The juncture in ascendancy, A staccato chatter through the melting ice

Cling is all the plumes can, unfurled, unbuttoned. Purloined by the warmth

And so wanders the wintry morning mist, riveted from her roots by the wings of fate

A stranger departed, bequeathed.Vanquished and vindicated from the shadow of the night

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