The Departed

A poem for lost friends. Although gone, your light will forever shine amongst us.

Chariots of passion call to you from the heavens,
To you, dim and dead in your coffin, clean and shaven
Under a summer breeze, bathed in a warm savannah sun you sleep
In a mahogany coffin so deep
Into the fiery sky you soar, free as the stars that clutter the sky

Way beyond the whispers of the wind, o so very high

A tale of tales you leave behind,

A written imprint that drenches the stained eyes of your kind

Under a veil of blackness, a beautiful maidens eyes glisten
And within her, the ears of one unborn listen
Curiously and unwittingly to the sound of inevitability, to the blunt chants of death
Yet to her, awaits a plenteousness of opportunity, to her whose name shall be Beth Under crimson ambience into a white light you commit
And upon heaven’s golden gates you shall knock


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