The Fields Of Eden

I’m looking towards the fields of Eden- to the vast Savannah plains that I grew up on, in whose whispers lie my dreams, my soul, my very being. My Savannah plains across which I rode my horse into the cool wind, and the rising dawn. Far from humanity and the struggles of the jealous, the selfish, the decadent, far from the maddening crowds.

This is to going home again, to the place where we came from. Ashes to ashes and dust to dust.

I looked towards the fields of Eden

Towards the furrows of hope neatly plowed

To youth, meticulously sown into the thirsty soil

youth, born barren, innocent, coy like the day

tamed to love, tamed to the content of the self

Free of grass, free of the bottle,

liberated from junk food and materialism

sheltered from selfishness and envy and pride

And all manner of primordial vices and vexations

I looked towards the fields of Eden

To a dawn of peace, a rising amber

A higher consciousness

My idyllic wanderings, my unconquerable naivety


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