For All I have loved and Lost

I wrote this poem at a point in my life when it felt as if the very ground upon which I stood was molten and unstable beneath my quivering feet. I felt as if I had lost all hope, save for a flicker of optimism somewhere in the corner of my soul. Many months later I can look back and thank all the true friends who have helped me through the process of finding my feet again. Here’s to all we love and invariably eventually lose:

For I have loved and lost

Loved and lost again

And now with the sun high in the sky

My blank thoughts expelled with the clouds

I sit and stare and wonder

How I have loved and lost so much

How my vacant dreams have led me here

To this place cold and bare

How yet another open door has been slammed shut with a thud

I will soar again another day i’m sure

Kiss the lips of the rising easterly sun

And dance with her till the dawn does us part

For I will love and lose

Love and lose again




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