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Welcome to Kortbæk_Travels. My name is Allan and I´ve travelled to 31 countries, some of which you´ll find content for on this site. 

I’m a published author with The world’s largest publisher (Penguin Random House,) and an award-winning photographer, journalist and marketeer.

My fiancee, Mette, and I feel that it’s only fair that we give back to the world by sharing our best tips and tricks for how to travel affordably – as individuals, as a couple and most recently, as parents. We believe that everyone should be able to travel the world and indulge in it’s wonders but we also believe it is important to care for our planet – by travelling or living sustainably.

As such, I am passionate about creating an impact within and outside of my work commitments. As an example, I co-founded Jengo in 2015 – a Danish NGO that has since raised over $100´000 for a portfolio of projects in Tanzania, centered on renewable energy solutions and the construction of schools.

On this page you will find:

  • Travel Destinations (tips and inspirational videos & Images)
  • Photos (My portfolio of photos and artwork)
  • Articles (A collection of the articles I´ve written over the years) 

Who am I? 

In my “work life” – I’m a Senior Content Marketing Specialist at KAYAK / momondo.

I’ve been an integral part of our setup on campaigns such as The DNA Journey, The World Piece, The Passport Initiative, Dear mom and dad and others, many of which have been nominated for and won numerous awards globally, including Cannes Lions.

“Off work” – in addition to travelling – I love surfing, learning new languages (I speak 5,) writing and photography.

In 2022 I published my first book, for the world’s biggest publisher, Penguin Random House / DK Eyewitness;  Hardcover Travel Guide Book: Copenhagen Like a Local: By the people who call it home

The DK Eyewitness series has been voted the best travel guide book series by Wanderlust Travel Magazine, ahead of similar books by the likes of Lonely Planet, Time Out and others. Scroll further down in this post for links to where you can buy the book. 

I´ve done freelance Copywriting, Journalism, Video Production, Photography and more for over 10 years – working with clients such as Tourism Boards, National Newspapers, Large-Scale Publications, Hotels and more. My work has also been featured in several exhibitions across the globe. 

Other highlights

– Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark Verdensbilledlegat Scholarship winner,

–  Best per industry jury member- Snackable Content Awards (2019 / 2020, )

– Co-founder, Jengo – a Danish NGO that has raised over $100´000 for projects in developing nations.

– TED speaker, TEDxKEA

Let´s Connect! 

Drop me a line at: allanm46@gmail.com

Instagram @Kortbaek_travels 



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Featured Client Portfolio: 

Wide eyed and weary

I am wide eyed and weary

and the sweat of the day has left me drenched

My heart parched

my soul vacuous

A cavern draped in the blisters of time

Still within this cocoon of hope I sleep

A whispered hush across a breezy field

A ripple in a raging tide

My thoughts mute to the loot

of narcissistic men and unsure women

And of dream-carved nightmares

Dented democracies and catastrophic communists

Self serving kingdoms and self-defacing subjects

Crying forests and injured natives

Jubilant elite and rejoicing taxmen

And scornful heretics of the religiously fanatic

Whose blood and sweat tar the stairwell to Hades

Whose efforts hijacked an idea and mass produced it

To laymen looking for a flickering light

In the valley of the shadow of death

Wide eyed and weary

I shall fear no evil

No whistling thorns and no false hopes

All I see is but brotherly bliss

And camaraderie across difference

I see a small minority of conservative loons

A majority of ardent purveyors

Wide eyed and glaring

Their hearts ablaze

Their souls candlelit embers in the light of life

And in this cocoon of hope we sleep

Wide eyed and weary, searching for an angry fix

Wandering towards a dawn in the black streets of town

A View From The Clouds

I’m on the pink pedestal above the clouds

Where the air is rare and crisp

The world below me is a world asleep

Awash in a myriad of colours from the stars above

The day is not dead and the night is not alive

She does not stir, a beautiful behemoth at peace

And here I stand with the sky on my shoulders

Held aloft by the winds of my ancestors

My face is torn and tense and my mind is in a warp

My soles are blistered and my dignity charred

But I am alive, alive alive

And I can scream into the setting sun and the jeer the dying day

I can laugh well into the oncoming night

And dance on the cusp of the dawn

For my tears of elation shall fall as raindrops on your soul

And my swiveling dreams will echo as whispers in eternity

The weight of the world on my outstretched arms

The billowing dawn of the night upon my cheeks