Wide eyed and weary

I am wide eyed and weary

and the sweat of the day has left me drenched

My heart parched

my soul vacuous

A cavern draped in the blisters of time

Still within this cocoon of hope I sleep

A whispered hush across a breezy field

A ripple in a raging tide

My thoughts mute to the loot

of narcissistic men and unsure women

And of dream-carved nightmares

Dented democracies and catastrophic communists

Self serving kingdoms and self-defacing subjects

Crying forests and injured natives

Jubilant elite and rejoicing taxmen

And scornful heretics of the religiously fanatic

Whose blood and sweat tar the stairwell to Hades

Whose efforts hijacked an idea and mass produced it

To laymen looking for a flickering light

In the valley of the shadow of death

Wide eyed and weary

I shall fear no evil

No whistling thorns and no false hopes

All I see is but brotherly bliss

And camaraderie across difference

I see a small minority of conservative loons

A majority of ardent purveyors

Wide eyed and glaring

Their hearts ablaze

Their souls candlelit embers in the light of life

And in this cocoon of hope we sleep

Wide eyed and weary, searching for an angry fix

Wandering towards a dawn in the black streets of town

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