4 out of 6 stars, Lille Vega

The crowds poured in to Lille Vega thick and fast on Saturday, drawn from afar by the prospect of being able to listen to some of the hottest electronic music in the country at the minute. It was always going to be a biggie, what with the likes of erstwhile purveyors Kjeld Tolstrup and Le Gammeltoft headlining the show.

And whilst the aforementioned duo did indeed deliver the wares throughout the course of the night, ultimately, few would dispute that the true heroes of the night were none other than a certain Turboweekend, who stole the audience’s hearts and minds with a veritably consistent and charming performance.

Having missed out on Tolstrup and Le Gammeltoft’s opening set, I managed to rock up just in time to catch the band of the moment, “Turboweekend” doing their thing.

There’s a reason why this quartet is as highly venerated as they are at the moment. Brimming with confidence from the word go, Martin Petersen (Drums), Silas Bjerregaard (Vocals) and Morten Køie (Bass), and Anders Møller (synths) took the already warmed up ground on a voyage through some of the most eclectic rock for miles, touring through a quirky mix of dark synth-singed rock with an electronic / soulful tweak.

The response from those present was as manic and as heated as the on-stage fracas; which seemed to get more intense with every passing hour. Highlights from the performance include “Wash out “ “After hours” and “Into you” all of which inspired downright insanity on the dancefloor.

The end of the show culminated with a stage invasion that saw the better half of the front third of the audience auspiciously ushered onto the stage, for an impromptu orgy of chaos; icing on the cake on what was yet another tremendous showing from the rock band du jour.

Turboweekend, Lille Vega, November 2009

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