Lucy Love, Lille Vega Nov 2009

“Lucy Love” is in the air

 Everyone that turned up at Little Vega on Friday must have done so with high expectations of the highly hyped Lucy Love. They weren’t disappointed.

Denmark’s de facto first lady of all things grunge and grime put on a scintillating performance that rocked the rafters off the concert hall, as she churned out one rough tune after another, stabbing away at the fleshy beats her on-scene Dj conjured with her sharp, high-pitched attitude-infested vocals.

Love started on an easy, conservative tone, mc-ing away in her grime element. It wasn’t long before she tweaked things up a tad though, working the crowd into something of a frenzy with a more raunchier, synth-tinged ensemble of tunes.

With the crowd in her grasp, the likes of the commercially lauded “Daddy was a dj” and “V.I.P” were served, shaken and stirred, with plenty of input from her Dj, who was as much a star of the show as the chequered hoodie clad Love herself. The duo of dancers /vocalists accompanying her every move were just as impressive, nonchalantly moving along to the proceedings, seemingly in their own beat-riddled paradise in a land far far away.

If things were hot and sweaty mid-way through the show, they got sizzling and steamy towards the end, as several unreleased numbers (such as “Poison” and “We’ve only hit the ground”) found their way onto the stage, several of which contained weighty measures of drum & bass influences whilst others came in the form of chunky electro-driven symphonies, each accompanied by one wave of shrill South London vocal after another.

The loco Lucy Love left the building with a wry smile on her face at the end of the show amidst a series of cheers and shouts for more. She came, she saw and she conquered.

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