Caspa, Lille Vega (Nov 2009)

For this experience you may need:

  • A pair of Technics vinly decks, a mixer and a CDJ player,
  • A record bag crammed with tasty chops from one of the most rapidly expanding forms of musical expression at the minute, dubstep
  • A frontline purveyor of the scene, in the form of a certain West Londoner, Gary Mcann a.k.a Caspa
  • Denmark’s foremost music venue, Vega.

The trilogy of major dubstep events at Vega over the past year came to a climaxing halt last night, as the last installation of the series graced the dimly lit concert hall at Little Vega. And who better to sign things off than Gary Mcann himself, one of the pioneers of the dubstep scene that’s taken the world by storm in 2009.

A purist in many senses, Caspa kept things cool, collected and old school as he showcased a selection of some of the finest numbers tainting today’s musical soundscapes, pushing a pair of Technics to their limits with some gallant mixing skills fused with a colourful ensemble of eye catching tricks and ear-appeasing scratches.

And whilst the music on show was no less than phenomenal, the reaction to it was arguably a tad dank and dim, much like the weather outside at the moment. Given it was the last weekend of the month, turnout wasn’t as good as it may otherwise have been and it showed.

Swap last night’s venue with London’s Fabric, however and one would definitely have had one scorcher of a show on their hands, as it was last night was decent, even a lot of fun, yet ultimately lacked a key detail or two.

Keen on battling the monotony, The dub police label boss churned out wave upon wave of commercial dubstep, sticking to certified, tried and tested floor fillers that rattled the walls of little Vega with a demonic vengeance as his MC pranced about on stage cutting into the music every now and again with a stream of hastily assembled lyrics.

The Highlights:

“I remember” Capsa dubstep remix”: The tune that put Caspa on the dubstep map with a bang. A top tune given a top touch-up albeit in a completely different format to the original.

“Caspa & Rusko – Bread Get Bun”: One of Capas many alliances with fellow dubstep manciple, Rusko the end result being a vulgar, cockney-punctuated screamer

Caspa and rusko terminator”: Another by-product of the Caspa-Rusko alliance, teeming with the same vulgar ferocity and cockney stabs as “Bread Get Bun”

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