This is a poem I wrote inspired by the floods that ravaged Copenhagen on the 15th Of August 2010. I found myself caught in the downpour on the day, and had to wade through the inundated Ryparken train station to get home. The station resembled a sinking ship, as the flood waters came rushing in. I stayed long enough to see the lights go out, snapping away with my primitive camera, desperate to linger in the decadent abyss of destruction before my eyes for as long as I could before catching the train home. Once at my station, I trekked down the hill to my abode barefoot and soaked to the skin, as the rain continued to hammer down. The sheer force of everything that was happening all around, and the panic it induced was breathtaking. The streets before me were clear and lonely, left to their decadence by the fleeing world and the sounds of the rushing waters were like a symphony to my needy ears. There was a certain cleanliness in the air, a juxtaposition of destructiveness and sheer beauty that kissed my soul. This was the foundation for “Inundated”

I’m inundated with love for this mise en scène

The trickles, so clear, so simple so clean.

The heavens have burst the banks of affection

And unleashed their content with sullen dejection

There’s a stream beneath my expectant feet

Soft, slippery…smooth as sleet

My heart flutters in tune with the falling drops

Tamed, charmed and seduced by their delicate hops

There’s a symphony in motion, whispered and delicate

An overture, morose and sedate

Amidst bleak and unperturbed winds I slide

Shocked, inspired and mystified by the tide

I’m inundated with love for this mise en scène

The decadence, the loneliness… the clarity of the unseen

The blackened skies churn with a venomous disposition

And here I stand, inundated with love for this juxtaposition.






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