Carl Prisen 2016

Carl Prisen 2016, A showcase of Danish Music

In a year in which both Lukas Graham and Mø have made headlines abroad with top ten hits that have taken Danish music to an international audience, it comes as no surprise that both of the aforementioned artists were richly rewarded at the annual Carl Prize, held at Carlsberg’s iconic ”Jacobsen” brewery. Whilst few Danish musicians have broken the threshold of international stardom, there are encouraging signs that this may be about to change.

Christiania-born and bred Lukas Graham raked in the accolade for the composition of the year within the category of pop for the songs on his eponymous album. The chart topper ’7 years,’ on the same album, also won the prize for the song of the year. For her part, Mø went home with an unsurprising reward for the most streamed song of the year, ’Lean on’ which was made in collaboration with American producer, Major Lazer and has over 1.3 billion views on YouTube. The Sony signed starlet also pocketed the honour of International success of the year, due in no small part, no doubt, to the overpowering global reach of ‘Lean on.’

Now in its fourth year, The Carl Prize aims to reward the efforts of songwriters and composers and features 12 different prizes, ranging from the classical composer of the year to the upcoming talent of the year. Hosted by the hirsute children’s entertainment figure, Mikkel Lomborg and singer Pernille Rosendahl, the awards ceremony drew over 200 participants to the rustic confines of the Jacobsen brewery on Monday.

A full list of all winners follows below:

Cash prizes of 30´000 Kroner for the talent of the year: Rock band, The Kikos and classical composer, Per Nørgård (who gave the award to Cellist Jakob Kullberg)

The honour award: Per Nørgård (who received a standing ovation for his efforts within classical music composition over the years)

Classic Composer of the year: Grand Ensemble: Sunleif Rasmussen for ”Symphony Number 2, The Earth Anew.”

Classical Composer of the year: Small Ensemble:  Karsten Fundal & Efterklang for the opera ”Leaves – The Colour of Falling.”

Composer of the year – film score: Jonas Struck for his score to the film ”Idealisten” (The Idealist.)

Composer of the year: Children’s music: Stine Michel for the songs in the theatre play ”The Light and The Spider of Luck.”

Composer of the year – Roots:  Rune Thorsteinsson for the songs on the album ”Global Compositions.”

Composer of the year – Jazz: Jakob Bro for the works on the album ”Gefion.”

Composer of the year – Pop:  Lukas Forchhammer, Stefan Forrest, Morten Ristorp, Morten Pilegaard (Lukas Graham) for the songs on the album ”Lukas Graham (Blue album.)

Composer of the year – Rock: Jonas Schmidt, Robert Jensen Buhl, Søren Jensen Buhl, Peter Bøgvad Hansen (Blaue Blume) for the songs on the album ”Syzygy.”

Most played song of the year (Airplay + Streaming)

Karen Marie Ørsted (Mø) for “Lean On” which has over 1.3 Billion views on YouTube.

Talent of the year (Including a check of 30´000 Kroner):

The Kikos

Songwriter of the year:

Marie Key for the texts to the songs on the albums Do You Think We Should Dance?

International success of the year:

Karen Marie Ørsted (Mø)

Song of the Year:

”7 Years” Morten Pilegaard, David James Labrel, Christopher Stephen Brown, Lukas Forchhammer, Stefan Forrest and Morten Ristorp Jensen.

Pictures by Allan Kortbaek


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