People of Distortion, The International Edition

Distortion Festival 2016, Copenhagen, Denmark. We had fun on the streets of Nørrebro, Vesterbro and on the party island of Refshaleøen. Did you?

Here are some of the international contingent that wandered the streets for four catharctic days of merrymaking, plus a video that sums up the kind of party we had in my borough, Vesterbro.



3 Michailis Greece

Mischa, Greece: ”Distortion is pure catharsis

4 Julianne USA

Julianne, U.S.A: ”Distortion speaks for itself – it is one of the best non-corporate festivals in the world.”

11 Borja Spain

Borja, Spain: “Distortion represents Copenhagen: It is incredibly open minded”

10 Edu Spain

Edu, Spain: ”The atmosphere here is contagious.”

9 Rueben Portugal

Ruben, Portugal: ”Look around you man! What’s not to like?”

8 David Sweden

David, Sweden: ”Distortion is a great place to meet people!”

6 Paulo Portugal

Paulo, Portugal: ”This is my 4th year now – I love electronic music and Distortion has a great line up.”

12 Irene Spain

Irene, Spain: “Distortion makes me dance and scream!”

5 Malthe Germany

Malte, Germany: ”There’s a great sense of togetherness here.”

2 Edoardo Italy

Edoardo, Italy: ”This is the best party in the world.”

7 Leire Spain .jpg

Leire, Spain: ”There is nowhere in the world like this place!”

1 Aleksandra Poland

Aleksandra, Poland: ”I just love it here!”

3 Lil Germany

Lil, Germany: “This is the best electronic music festival in Denmark”

4 Ramon Spain

Ramon, Spain: “I’m taking notes so I can bring Distortion to Spain.”

2 Siya Germany

Siya, Germany: ” Why am I here? The question is why not?”

1 Peter Poland jpg

Peter, Poland: “Pancake turntablism 2.0.”

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